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Find Out Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Your Visa Vanilla Gift Card…

Are you looking for information about the Visa Vanilla gift card? Well, you’ve come to the right spot!

This blog is dedicated to covering any and all details relating to the Visa Vanilla gift card. We’re going to start with some background information, and then move into topics like how to use your Vanilla gift card, how to check your balance, and many other tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the card. Let’s get started!


The Visa Vanilla gift card was created by the Visa company to be a easy-to-use, contemporary gift card that made it easy for consumers to purchase a gift card and use it anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. In its most basic form, the Vanilla gift card comes in three amounts: $25, $50, and $100. This makes it easy to choose the right amount that fits your budget. The card also comes with a choice of background colors and options from a simple blue bow to a card with licensed Anne Geddes artwork on it.

How to Use:

You can use your Visa Vanilla gift card anywhere that you would use a normal Visa credit card. Because it has the Visa logo, it’s backed by Visa in exactly the same way that the cards are. This makes it really convenient for both users and merchants.

When you’re at the checkout, it’s important to note that you’ll need to choose the “credit” option instead of the “debit” option. The reason for this is because the Vanilla gift card doesn’t actually have a debit option or debit pin number built into it. If you are checking out and you select the “debit” option, the transaction will fail and the register may show a declined card even if your card balance is high enough for whatever you’re buying. In order to avoid this, make sure that you select the “credit” option each time you checkout with the Visa vanilla gift card.

Paying for Gas:

Paying for gasoline inside gas stations is essentially the same as paying for gas with any other credit card, but paying for gas at the pump is quite different. Because the Vanilla Visa card is a gift card and not a real credit card, the process is handled differently. With real credit cards, most gas pumps pre-authorize a small amount, usually $1, before allowing you to pump gas. This is a quick way to verify that your card is active before releasing the fuel. However, with the Visa vanilla gift card, you’ll need a balance of at least $75 before you can pay for gas at the pump.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the Vanilla card is only a gift card. With a real credit card, gas merchants know that if they preauthorize a dollar they will still be able to post a transaction for a higher dollar amount, even if your account doesn’t have the money in it. In most cases, whether it’s a bank card or normal credit card, the company will honor the transaction and your account will go negative. This isn’t the case with the Vanilla gift card. Once your Visa Vanilla gift card balance reaches zero, Visa won’t honor anymore transitions, and making sure that you have at least a $75 balance before pumping gas is a way for merchants to ensure that they receive all of their money when the transaction finally clears.

If you don’t have at least $75 on your card but still want to buy gas, that’s no problem. All you need to do is go inside the gas station and have the attendant charge your card normally. In this situation, you’ll still be able to buy gas, you just won’t be able to pay at the pump.

Viewing Account History:

Visa allows you to login and view your account history and Vanilla gift card balance online by visiting their website at Here, you provide the information on your card including the number, expiration date, and CVV code and then you’ll be able to see a detailed transaction history as well as check your current balance. This is one of the unique features of the Vanilla gift card that many other merchants don’t offer on their gift cards.

Using the Vanilla Gift Card for Online Shopping:

Another unique feature of the Vanilla gift card is that unlike many other cards, you actually can use it to shop online. Once you register the card at, you’ll be able to buy things online normally as you would with any other card. During the registration process, you’ll enter your address and other information that you’d use with any other credit card. Just make sure that when you’re purchasing something online that you use the same information that you entered on Visa’s website, or the transaction could be declined due to mismatched information.

It’s also important to note that even with the increased functionality of the Visa Vanilla gift card, some online merchants may still decline the transaction due to the fact that it’s a gift card. This, however, isn’t the case with most merchants, but it’s important make note of.

What Happens If I Lose My Vanilla Gift Card?

Losing your Vanila gift card can be a upsetting and worrisome, but take comfort in the fact that Visa has put measures in place to prevent theft and other issues with your card. In the event that you notice you’ve lost your card, you can go to and select the “Contact Us” section in order report your card stolen, or you can call Visa at 1-800-571-1376. Once you report the card lost or stolen, Visa will cancel the card and send you a replacement with your current remaining balance. If your card was purchased prior to August 22, 2010, you’ll have to pay a $5.95 activation free before your replacement card will be activated. If you purchased your card on or after August 22, 2010, you won’t have to pay any fees due to a change in legislature that regulates the fees assessed on gift cards.

Check back  frequently on our blog for more tips, tricks and other information related to the Visa Vanilla gift card!

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